5 Facts about Urgent Care Facilities

When it comes to health care, urgency and convenience are two essential factors. Many people are running away from the primary Emergency Room services to the urgent care facilities due to these two factors. At the same time, technology appreciation in these facilities has also attracted many.

The urgent care facilities have been associated with notable services and features which are different from the Emergency Rooms. Although the medical practitioners may be the same, at times, the services are quite different. The following are some facts about urgent care facilities:

Best Facts About Urgent Care Facilities

a) Urgent Care Facilities are Different from Retail Clinics

The retail clinics are aimed at providing treatment to cases which are not severe or complicated. Additionally, retail clinic are established to provide preventive measures and vaccinations for different conditions.

Unlike them, the urgent care facilities aim at treating illnesses and other conditions which are severe and those that needs a quick response. They operate for relatively longer hours than the retail clinics. This makes them convenient for urgent cases.

b) They Reduce Need to Visit Emergency Room

Emergency rooms operate by taking care for the cases which need immediate response. They are relatively costly and, thus, unaffordable to many people. Also, they are associated with long lines always. This delays treatment to many people. It also causes many diseases to intensify and get to uncontrollable points.

Urgent care facilities provide a solution to many patients in dire need of emergency services. You do not need to be part of the ever long lines at the ER. At the same time, you can save a part of your money at the urgent care facilities.

c) Urgent Care Doctors are Experienced in Medicines Prescription

The urgent care doctors are mostly qualified health practitioners. Thus, they have the ability to prescribe different medicines to the patients after treating them. These doctors can effectively prescribe drugs such as antibiotics, pain relievers, allergy and asthma drugs, and also antiviral drugs.

However, the conditions treatable at the urgent care facilities are only limited to emergency one. Therefore, it the doctors at urgent care facilities may not be experienced in prescribing any type of medicine to any patient.

d) Urgent Care Facilities are More Flexible and Convenient

The average wait time for many urgent care facilities is usually 30 minutes. Therefore, you or your patient will not suffer in line for a long time. Over 80% of these facilities are open every day of the week.
Over 75% of these facilities are open for 24 hours every day. Thus, they are they are usually convenient for many people needing their services anytime.

e) They are Fast and Free of Congestion

The average number of patients served in an urgent care facility is 4 to 5 patients in one hour. This is relatively fast as compared to the ER where averages of 2 to 3 patients are treated each hour. Therefore, urgent care facilities can end up treating 20 to 30 more patients as compared to the ERs. This makes them a better for many patients.


Urgent care facilities have become immensely popular among many people in US. American Academy for Urgent Care reported lately that, over 20, 000 physicians are training on urgent care medicine.
Previously in 2014 and 2015, over 90% of the urgent care medicine students got employed in these facilities. This shows how many people have embraced these facilities, especially in the suburban areas.